Help for Addicted Teens

Teens and drug abuse have been a problem in the U.S. since the 60s. One that has only gotten worse with time. However, the number of kids going off to a teen drug rehab has also been steadily increasing, so at least they’re seeking help in many instances.

In fact, there are not only more teen specific treatment centers, there are treatment schools for teens – schools that addicted teens can attend where they get treatment along with their curriculum. There are also treatment camps for teens, where they get their addiction treatment in the wilderness. The camps today are not like the hard core wilderness, or “boot” camps of the 80s, they are less stringent and more focused on educating teen addicts as well as restoring self-confidence and health.

There are many options available with programs that are specific to boys or girls, or coed. There are also Christian programs, 12-step oriented programs, more medically based, or science based, evidence based, etc. Just as there are for adults, some of these are more luxurious, some more Spartan and focused on building responsible young people. Also, the family plays a huge role in treatment for teens and any good program will include family therapy, as well.

Finding Drug Rehab for Teens

Since there are fewer options available it is a little easier, actually, to find an appropriate teen drug rehab center, depending on the circumstances. There may be extenuating circumstances involved.

For example, girls may have an addiction plus an eating disorder. Or, a teen may have some other psychologically based disorder that is causing the addictive behavior. In other words he, or she, may be self-medicating.

The good news is, because it’s a teen, it means the addictive behavior can’t have been going on for too long, unlike some addicts who have been doing heroin for ten or twenty years. Teens are also easier to work with in many cases. But finding the right treatment program is imperative to success.

We Can Help Your Teen

At Recovery Channel, we are very familiar with the teen programs available across the country, which are good, which are less good, which are excellent in your specific case.

Especially with teens, it really is about matching the teen to the right environment, with the right staff, not only to treat, but to inspire, motivate, direct and help the teen get on the right path to a fulfilling and productive life. We will listen to you, ask the right questions to get all the pertinent information.

We can verify your insurance benefits or, if you’re paying cash, get you a steep discount in most cases. We can recommend and connect you with the best treatment centers for your specific situation, then arrange for you to speak to the clinical staff at those facilities.

It all starts with one phone call, so call today and let’s get started getting your teen on the right track.

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