So, You Need Treatment

Maybe it’s alcohol, maybe it’s heroin, or meth, or any number of other drugs, but hopefully there’s that one morning, that one moment of clarity in which you finally confess to yourself that you can’t take it anymore, that you need treatment.

Hopefully, it’s sooner rather than later. But for finally realizing that one answer, many questions are raised. Where should I look for treatment? What kind of treatment do I need? What kind of treatment center should I go to? How much will treatment cost? Most people just starting to look and evaluate drug rehab programs can get quickly confused, stymied, irritated and even feel adrift. There’s just too much information out there, too many people to talk to, places to consider. There are too many people telling you what to do. We created Recovery Channel to help cut through all of this.

We only help guide, we advise, we answer questions, we make recommendations, but you decide. You know you best, you have to do what’s going to work best for you. Of course, this also means you can’t kid yourself about what you need. But, where we can really help is, we know all of these treatment centers and programs. We know the good places and the places you want to avoid. We know what makes one program better than another and, believe it or not, it is not reflected in the cost.

There are some very expensive treatment centers that aren’t nearly as good, or effective, as some of the least expensive ones. Look at Robert Downey Jr., he went to one expensive rehab after another. The place he credits with finally getting him sober was one of the cheapest treatment centers in the country. In fact, he was so grateful he bought them a fleet of vans.

Isn’t One Drug Rehab Program Like Every Other?

In reality, no, there are many things that separate treatment programs; location, cost, staff, whether it’s 12-step based, or holistic, or medical, or evidence based, whether it’s in a luxurious setting or a sparse one, how much one-on-one therapy is there versus group therapy, is there family therapy included in the program, etc.

For any individual to try and evaluate all of these programs would not only be impossible, it’s inadvisable. Most people don’t even know he proper questions to ask when they call these facilities. And, when they do call, they usually get sales staff, not clinicians.

What Drug Rehab Program Do You Need?

When you call Recovery Channel, we take the guess work out of evaluating drug rehab programs. We know the questions to ask you to get a picture of your addiction so we can begin to match programs to your needs We will also verify your insurance benefits so you know exactly what your insurance will cover.

We can arrange an intervention if needed, or transportation and we will coordinate with the treatment center intake department to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Call Recovery Channel now for advice and to see if your insurance covers treatment.

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