Do You Need Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

If you think you need addiction treatment, you may want to start as many people do by going to an outpatient drug rehab.

There are several levels of addiction treatment, starting with detox, then residential, or inpatient, followed by PHP (partial hospitalization program) and IOP (intensive outpatient program) and then outpatient, which essentially means having a schedule of sessions with a therapist. However, what level of care you need depends on how long you’ve been abusing drugs and to what degree.

Addiction, in most cases, takes time to treat, which means the addict must stay clean. This is often difficult for people who are only getting treatment on an outpatient basis since they are tempted daily to use, either by other addicts they know, or being in the wrong place, of having some stressful situation arise that causes them to relapse. For those reasons it is advisable that anyone serious about treatment for addiction start in a residential treatment situation where the temptation to relapse is greatly decreased. Also, many people who have become addicted to alcohol or drugs require detoxification, which typically happens in a residential treatment center or a dedicated detox center.

If you are already seeing a therapist you can ask him, or her, for a recommendation of level of care, or call us at Recovery Channel and we can advise you on a level of care or arrange for you to talk to one of our doctors or a treatment center.

Outpatient Treatment Has It’s Place

In most cases, outpatient drug rehab centers take on clients, or patients, coming out of a residential treatment center, or someone who has been clean for a period of time but relapsed.

There are some people whose addiction is not so severe that they only need an outpatient treatment program. For example, someone who has less of an addiction but really has a drinking problem which is most likely temporary in nature. However, someone who is addicted to meth or heroin, or who is a true alcoholic would be best starting treatment in a residential situation.

Again, we recommend you consult a physician or call us so that we can answer your questions and connect you with the appropriate help.

We’ll Help You Get the Best Care

Recovery Channel was created by addiction treatment professionals to help people suffering with addiction, or their family members suffering with addiction, get the best care for their specific needs.

We work with hundreds of treatment providers across the country and even some off shore. We know the good places, and the ones to steer clear of. We’ll listen to you, gather all the pertinent information, even check your insurance benefits for you, then connect you with the treatment provider and program that can best help you.

It’s free to you, there is no cost involved, so call us today and let’s get started on getting your life back.

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