When Money Doesn’t Matter

Some people can afford any kind of addiction treatment they want. Whether they use insurance or not, they can afford a luxury drug rehab. But, are luxury drug rehabs really better than others? The answer is yes and no.

If you’re looking for gourmet meals, an ocean view, a nice big swimming pool, a sauna, massages, 300 thread count on your linen, and 24/7 attention to your every whim, then, yes, a luxury rehab can’t be beat. Do they offer better treatment programs than more affordable rehabs? No, not necessarily. In fact, luxury rehabs have the same set of tools that midrange and even very affordable rehabs have. The treatments and therapies aren’t any different.

A luxury rehab may offer more one-on-one therapy sessions, as opposed to group therapy sessions. A luxury rehab may offer equine therapy, for example, which most affordable rehabs don’t, unless they are, in fact, a working recovery ranch. But just like any level of cost, luxury rehabs have great programs and not so great. In fact, some should simply be avoided. The luxury rehabs are sometimes the most notorious players in the field. There are luxury rehabs that have had so many lawsuits against them that they shut down and reopened in a different place under a new name.

In particular, luxury rehabs are known for using some of the most sleazy marketing techniques. Not that they have any unique claim on that in this field. The bottom line is, there are good luxury treatment centers and not so good. And we know who they are.

Luxury Drug Rehab That’s Worth It

We refer people to luxury rehabs all the time. There are benefits to going to one if you can afford it or if your insurance will cover it.

Why wouldn’t you want to go one if you could? Would you rather go on vacation and stay at a four star hotel or a Motel Six? Of course you’d want comfort. Especially since you’re going through a rough ordeal. Drug treatment isn’t an easy thing to go through no matter where you are. So why not go for more comfort in one of the great luxury drug rehab centers if it’s an option for you?

But, remember, you’re now rating the rehab not only on how effective the treatment is, but on the accommodations and service, much the way you evaluate a great hotel. There are rehabs that claim to be luxury treatment centers that really aren’t. And there are some that just don’t deliver.

We know who they are. What’s even more amazing is, there are luxury rehabs that are incredibly affordable! In fact, they’re priced the same as some of the most affordable treatment centers. We know where they are, too. And if luxury is what you’re after, they’re hard to beat.

It Starts With a Call

Whether you’re looking for luxury treatment centers or just the most effective program at any price, call us. We can help you navigate through the myriad options out there. We know this industry because we’ve been part of it for so long.

We can answer all your questions, help steer you in the right direction, verify your insurance benefits, arrange an intervention if needed, or transportation. We can help you avoid the pitfalls that so many people seeking treatment encounter. But we can’t do anything until you call.

Call Recovery Channel now for advice and to see if your insurance covers treatment.

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