Do I Need Inpatient Residential Care?

Residential addiction treatment, also known as inpatient drug rehab, serves a specific purpose in the continuum of care for addiction.

There are five basic levels of care, starting with detoxification, which many times is facilitated in an inpatient rehab program, or residential care center, or at a dedicated subacute detox center, in most cases, or at an acute care center for particularly risky detoxes that require more medical observation. An acute detox center is typically a hospital.

The next level of care is a residential treatment center, followed by a PHP (partial hospitalization program), then an IOP (intensive outpatient program) and lastly, outpatient care. Both PHP and IOP treatment are conducted in an office setting, usually with the patient, or client, living in a sober living home where the environment is still structured, though not quite as structured as in a residential treatment center.

Outpatient care generally means office visits with a therapist following an arranged schedule of appointments, such as once or twice a week. Depending on how severe the addiction is, and what the addiction is to, you may begin treatment at any of these levels of care. Insurance companies almost always prefer to start at an IOP level, regardless of what the insurance covers, although that may not be best for the patient. However, insurance companies do not make diagnoses, doctors or licensed therapists do.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Among inpatient treatment centers there are a great many differences. Some only treat certain types of addiction (heroin, or meth, or a process addiction, or gambling addiction, etc.). Some may be very luxurious and expensive, some may be bare bones.

By the way, cost has nothing to do with how effective the treatment program is. Many places that are more expensive only offer more creature comforts and gourmet food, they don’t have a better treatment program.

However, some more expensive rehabs will also feature more one-on-therapy, more extravagant therapies such as equine therapy, and more science based treatments such as neurofeedback or transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment. Some rehabs will only have a maximum of six clients at a time, others will have hundreds.

We Know Inpatient Rehab

If you’re looking for inpatient drug rehab, or any level of care for addiction, we can help you. Recovery Channel was created by addiction treatment professionals to help you find the treatment that will best suit your needs and circumstances.

We know hundreds of rehabs, we know the good from the great from the not so good. We know the different types of programs and amenities. So, we can simplify your search. We can also verify your insurance benefits, or if you’re paying cash we can get you a discount. We can also arrange an intervention, if needed, or transportation and we can coordinate with the rehab admissions staff to make sure everything goes smoothly.

So, talk to us first. We’re waiting to help you. Call Recovery Channel now for advice and to see if your insurance covers treatment.

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