Treatment for Mind, Body and Spirit

Many people today searching for addiction treatment are confused by the term “holistic” in context with rehab. Some think it means there are therapies from the Far East involved, burning incense, acupuncture, etc.

In short, a holistic drug rehab is merely a treatment center that believes in treating the mind, the body and the spirit. This can take any form and, yes, some therapies from the Far East may be involved, such as acupuncture, which has been proven to be very beneficial in addiction treatment, as well as yoga and meditation. However, there are also nutritional benefits to this type of program, such as a diet created to cleanse the system and, therefore, help speed detox and repair damaged tissue in the brain and body.

There are also many of the proven, or evidence based, therapies and treatments used in mainstream type rehabs, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), among others.

Then there is the spiritual layer to be considered. This can be handled in many different ways. Obviously, if you’re a Christian and you go to a Christian rehab, you already know what to expect from the spiritual end. But many people who are not particularly religious can also still get a spiritual recovery in other ways. Simply turning inward and rediscovering yourself, your soul, your purpose, what you want your life to be about, these are also spiritual.

The goal is to find meaning for your life. That is the quest most people are on in life. Your addiction was either a distraction or it may have been part of your path to your purpose.

The Best Holistic Drug Rehab for You

Depending on your belief system, your goals, your addiction, even your insurance, one rehab may be better, or more appealing, than another. We can help you cut through the vast array of holistic drug rehab centers to find the one that’s right for you, where you’ll receive the most benefit and the most positive end result.

Some are very luxurious, some more Spartan in their approach and surroundings. Whether they’re luxurious or Spartan has no impact on how good their program are, there are great treatment programs at all levels of expense. In most cases it’s more a matter of personal comfort. Again, your insurance may play a role in the options you have.

Don’t Wait to Go to Rehab

Whether you go to a holistic drug rehab or any other kind of rehab, the important thing is DON’T WAIT. Go now. The longer you wait, the worse addiction gets, the harder it gets to treat and the harder it gets to go through treatment.

Call us and let’s get started on finding the right rehab for you so you can get on with your life and your purpose. Why put off having a great life another day?

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