How Much Does Rehab Cost?

If you’re seeking treatment for an addiction, there are many things to consider, including the cost. But, keep in mind drug rehab cost is only relevant if there’s an appropriate value. That is to say, paying less for drug addiction treatment that ultimately doesn’t work isn’t worth it.

Costs can range from as little as $5000 for 30 days of treatment to as much as $60,000 for 30 days of treatment and there are a range of factors that must be assessed to determine what price range makes the most sense for your situation.

Is it worth paying more for a better grade of treatment, or for a longer period of treatment? Yes, it is. One of the things that will drive the cost of your treatment is the length of time you’re been addicted, or abusing drugs, and to what extent you’ve been abusing them. However, if you have insurance the cost of treatment may be partially, or completely covered. This again depends on many factors.

The first thing you need to understand is that, if you are going to go to treatment, you must be committed to really changing your life. Treatment doesn’t have a chance of working if, ultimately, you’re only biding time until you can get out and use again. You must want to change in order to make real change. This is a chronic illness and, like other chronic illnesses, it is a life-long commitment to monitoring and being involved in programs and people that will help you maintain recovery. The other thing you need to realize is that research has shown the longer you’re in treatment the better your chances of success.

We’ll Help You Save on Drug Rehab Cost

Answering the question, How much does drug rehab cost, all depends on whether you have insurance and what your insurance costs. Also, what treatment program are you going to go to.

If you have money you can go anywhere. If not, you’re going to either need to depend more on your insurance or find an affordable treatment center. We can help no matter what. First, we can verify your insurance benefits to tell you exactly what’s covered. If you’re paying cash, or using charge cards or other means of credit such as a loan, we can help you find the best treatment at the most affordable price and we can also usually get a steep discount for you from the treatment center.

Since we’ve worked for treatment centers and with treatment centers for so long we know how to negotiate prices.

Let’s Get Started on Changing Your Life

We know going to treatment isn’t an easy decision. It’s complicated, there are many options, it can be very confusing. Recovery Channel was created by treatment professionals with extensive experience to help you navigate through the sea of treatment options to find the program that will work best for you.

We will answer your questions, gather the appropriate information from you, check your insurance benefits, arrange an intervention for a family member, arrange transportation, and work with the treatment center’s intake department for a seamless admission process. Even if you only want to talk, we’re ready and willing any time.

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