Treatment For Christians

There are many people who are interested in finding a Christian drug rehab for addiction treatment. This is actually quite common and there are some fantastic treatment facilities that are either entirely Christian based or that have a Christian track.

In some ways this actually hearkens back to the original basis of the twelve steps, which is based on finding a higher power, on giving yourself over to that higher power and trusting in it. For many people that higher power was always God, as it was originally meant to be. Only in later years, as religion became less popular, did people in Alcoholic Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous begin to transplant something other than God for a higher power. Therefore, obviously, most, if not all, of the Christian rehabs are twelve step programs.

Some may also offer other, science based treatments, or psychological therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, or dialectical behavioral therapy. But the core of the program is twelve steps. Obviously, they will also include more bible study, as well. So, in addition to having comprehensive, advanced treatment modalities, clients, or patients, will also begin to see their addictions through another lens that allows them to accept Jesus and a true savior as they turn their lives over to Him.

Christian Drug Rehab Rocks

If you are a Christian, Christian drug rehab is truly the way to go. You have an additional advantage other programs don’t have – Jesus Christ. By putting yourself in His hands, by completely giving in to Him, you can see your addiction for what it is and begin to eradicate it.

We all start out on the right path for us. Some stray off their paths. Christian drug rehab centers are there to help you get back on your path, to get your life in order and to find your purpose. Many people who have ended up with an addiction are only suffering from not finding their purpose in life. If you can’t find it, you are unfulfilled, empty, and some people try to fill that emptiness with the wrong things.

Believing in God only helps you believe in yourself more. The right program will help you restore your body and your spirit. You’ll have the best combination of treatments and therapies, plus God. You can’t beat that.

We’ll Help You Find The Right Christian Rehab

At Recovery Channel, we are very proud to know many of the Christian treatment centers in the United States. They are doing great work and we are always happy to help people find them.

As with finding any treatment center, it’s merely a process of matching the personality and needs of someone who has become addicted with the facility that has the program and environment that will have the best end result. Many of these programs are covered by insurance, either partially or completely, depending on your carrier and policy. We can help you find the treatment center that’s best for you.

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