Can I Afford Rehab

The short answer is yes. However, affordability is a relative term. If you’re wealthy you can afford anything you want. In terms of addiction treatment, affordable comes with some caveats.

For example, an affordable drug rehab may not be worth it if the treatment isn’t effective, or if it simply isn’t right for you. Also, any rehab may not be worth it if you’re not truly committed to going through treatment and changing your life. Unfortunately, many people who get sent to rehab by their families, or by the court, end up wasting money on people who are only waiting to get out and use again. But, assuming you are ready and willing, there are programs for every budget.

If you have insurance, your insurance may cover some, or all, of your treatment. At Recovery Channel, we will check your benefits to see exactly what your insurance covers and what, if anything, your portion of the cost would be. You may also want to consider getting better insurance, if your coverage isn’t very good.

If, on the other hand, you’re paying cash, we can help you find the best treatment for what you can afford and also get you a steep discount on that treatment. We know all these rehabs, they’re ready to help us get you the treatment you need.

Affordable Drug Rehab Centers

Many people who call us want to know if affordable drug rehab centers have good treatment programs. The answer is some do, some don’t. Which, by the way, is the same answer to the question Do expensive rehab centers have good treatment programs.

Again, some do, some really don’t. Most people don’t know what questions to ask or how to evaluate treatment programs. They get sucked in by accouterments, or a “deal” of some kind, or simply by an aggressive salesperson who answered the phone when they called. That happens a lot.

Many treatment centers, especially treatment mills, as they’re called, have call centers with salespeople who have been trained to close the deal no matter what. It’s another reason we suggest you call us first. But, as far as affordable treatment, we go back to Robert Downey Jr., who went through expensive treatment center after expensive treatment center and continued to relapse. Finally, he ended up in one of the most affordable treatment centers in the country. And it worked.

He credits that rehab for finally getting him clean and sober and he’s been fine ever since. In fact, he was so grateful to them that he bought them a fleet of vans.

You Can Afford a Call

The most affordable part of finding the treatment program that’s best for you is calling Recovery Channel. In fact, nothing we do will cost you a dime. Not even the phone call.

We’ll answer your questions, gather the appropriate information to help evaluate treatment programs, check your insurance benefits, arrange an intervention if needed, arrange transportation, and work with the treatment center’s intake department to assure a speedy and easy admission.

If a court advocate is needed, we can also arrange for that. But don’t wait to get your life back. Let’s get started now!

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