Drug Addiction and Rehab

Drug addiction is an epidemic in this country and the need for quality drug rehab continues to grow commensurately.

Many people become addicted after using so called recreational drugs. Others become addicted to a prescribed medication.

There are several different types of treatment available to someone who has developed an addiction. First, there are independent therapists and psychiatrist. Keep in mind that therapists (usually psychologist) perform the one-on-one talk therapy, usually lasting a clinical hour (45 to 50 minutes), while psychiatrists, these days, mainly have 20 minutes sessions and prescribe medication. Most do not do talk, or cognitive therapy.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

The cost of drug rehab overall varies from state to state and treatment center to treatment center. The cost incurred by you typically depends on the type of insurance you carry.

Overall however you can expect total rehab cost to run anywhere between $5,000 and $60,000.

It is generally accepted in the drug rehab industry that higher cost doesn’t necessarily equal higher quality care either, which is why guidance is so crucial to ensure you get the treatment you need at the right price.

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The Many Types of Drug Rehabs

There are a wide range of rehab centers that cater to variety of needs that can vary drastically from client to client.

These range from the types of treatment needs required, inpatient vs outpatient, to age, teen focused, to financial resources available, affordable vs. luxury, and whether the program is holistically focused among many other factors.

Below you can find brief profiles covering each and every type, but click here if you’d like to learn in more specific detail exactly what drug rehab centers are and how they operate.

Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Luxury rehabs make up a large portion of drug rehab centers. These rehabs in America generally carry a higher price tag but in other parts of the world such as in Thailand, it’s possible to achieve a low cost as well as high level of luxury.

Luxury drug rehabs are always the best choice for every client but sometimes they can make sense as they offer environments that allow the client to focus more on their recovery while everything else is taken care of for them.

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Christian Drug Rehab Centers

Whether you believe in god or not, a Christian drug rehab could be a good choice for getting your life back on track.

These centers base most of their treatment around the popular 12 step philosophy, which is based on Christian principles and have shown some success in helping addicts recover through such programs as Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you are strongly apposed to a religion-oriented treatment program, this type of center would not be recommended for you but click here to gain a deeper understanding of Christian drug rehab.

Index of Other Common Drug Rehab Types

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Inpatient Rehab: This is when a patient commits to a residential program, which means living on-site at the treatment facility. Typically most patients start their journey here.

Outpatient Rehab: This is when a patient lives outside the treatment facility but visits on a regular schedule to receive treatment. This can be a great support tools for addicts after completing a inpatient rehab.

Holistic Rehab: This refers to the types of treatment modalities utilized, which typically means a higher focus on mindfulness, yoga and nutrition as a means to combat addiction.

Teen Rehab: As the name makes clear, these are drug rehabs focused specially around treating the young addict.

Long Term Rehab: Sometimes a shorter 30 day program is not sufficient to help a client overcome and addiction and a longer term program of 60 or 90 days is required. Most drug rehabs provide both short and long term services.

Affordable Rehab: Not all rehabs are affordable, especially if you have no insurance and are paying out of pocket. If this is your situation it’s important to understand how to find affordable treatment.

The Best Drug Rehab

There are so many different types of drug addictions and just as many different types of treatment that it is sometimes difficult to determine what the best drug rehab is for any specific case.

Someone with a severe meth addiction is looking for a different type of treatment than, perhaps, someone who may have an ongoing heroin addiction. Additionally, someone seeking treatment for the first time may have different needs than someone who has been through treatment once, or twice, or more times than that.

Many actors and variable must be taken into account. Any drug addiction rehab is going to assess each individual case before taking on that patient. Again, if you’re a hardcore meth addict they may be reluctant to include you with a population off heroin addicts, if that’s what they’re predominantly treating. They’ll assess what drugs, or drugs, you are involved with, your health, your background, your psychological situation, and also whether or not you’re insured.

Drug Rehab Treatment and You

There are also other considerations in terms of how a drug rehab facility will assess whether or not to treat you. Are you coming to treatment on your own? Are you coming willingly? Or, has a court ordered you into treatment to avoid jail? Or are you coming to treatment because your family, or your employer, has forced you into it?

If, for example, you are coming on a court order, the drug rehab may not want to include you with their census off people who have come willingly seeking drug addiction treatment and are very focused on attaining, and maintaining, sobriety. The person coming to treatment unwillingly is a relapse risk and someone who could easily take someone who is newly sober and still fragile down with him. That being said, when you seek treatment, tell any drug rehab you speak to the complete truth in order to allow them to assess whether you, or your loved one, are a good fit and can benefit from their program.

You’ll also want to know what the focus of their treatment is. Whether it’s a 12-step program or one with more science in it, such as neurofeedback, or brain mapping, etc. Also, what other therapies and treatments are included in the program, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) or equine therapy, art therapy, etc. Is there a focus on diet? How is detox handled? There are many variables, so make sure it’s a drug rehab program that fits your needs.

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