The Drug Addiction Problem Keeps Growing, Finding Help Isn’t Getting Easier

It is estimated there are 23 million people addicted to drugs and/or alcohol in this country. If you’re one, you’re clearly not alone. It has been declared an epidemic by healthcare authorities and healthcare related government agencies. There is literally tens of thousands of websites pertaining to drug addiction and addiction treatment on the internet. Yet it isn’t getting any easier for addicts or their families to find the right help or even be certain that the people they’ve reached out to are the right people to talk to.

Everybody sees the press and tabloid articles and coverage when a celebrity goes to rehab. Rehabs also get a lot of press when someone dies there and, unfortunately, that does happen. Sometimes it’s the fault of the rehab for taking someone in a condition they’re not really equipped to deal with, or possibly negligence. But, in some case, when people show up at a rehab in such extreme condition, or their condition takes a turn for the worse while they’re in rehab and the rehab sends them to a hospital, but they die anyway, the rehab is somehow held accountable. Nothing anyone would have done anywhere would have helped this person. In many of these cases local authorities clear the rehab of any wrong doing, but that doesn’t get the media attention the original investigation got.

Are there drug addiction treatment centers that focus more on profits than care? Yes. Are there drug addiction treatment centers that will tell you anything they can to get you, or your family member, to come there? Yes. Which is why it is imperative that people seeking drug addiction help find some guidance from an independent source, rather than merely calling rehabs.

How can you decide between rehabs when you don’t really know what’s there? Yes, there are some websites that have reviews of treatment centers. But almost all of those were put up by people who own treatment centers and so those sites are geared toward sending them clients. For example,, which appears to be an independent website is owned by American Addiction Centers. American Addiction Centers has had a LOT of legal trouble over the past year. Google it and see for yourself. Getting patients into centers has become one of the fastest increasing expenses in the treatment field.

Consumers are now bombarded by commercials and ads for treatment centers. Call some rehabs, see what they have to say. But call knowing that they may tell you what they think you want to hear. See what the website says. Call independent counselors, or doctors, or clinicians, or therapists and ask for advice. Or call us. Tells us about yourself, what’s happened, what you’re addicted to, what type of treatment you’re looking for, and we’ll give you options, all geared to your specific situation.

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