The Doctor Knows What’s Best?

That was always the prevailing theory. However, doctors have long relied on pharmaceuticals and, as certain areas of drugs have been developed, it has had a terrifically bad end result. Addiction. In fact, in many parts of the world, addiction to prescription drugs is outpacing any other form of addiction, resulting in a boom in prescription medication rehab.

Obviously, the worse of these drugs are opioid based. Oxycodone, for example, hydrocodone, and oxycodone, or, by brand name, OxyContin®, Percocet®, Vicodin®, Percodan® and Tylox®, among others. Heroin is also opioid based, and methadone, and morphine, and Demero®. All of which are highly addictive, requiring lengthy prescription medication addiction treatment.

Here’s the truly sad part of this. This is an addiction that often happens to people who otherwise would never be involved with drugs. Typically, it’s someone who suffers an injury of some kind and is prescribed a pain reliever. Or, someone who has had a surgery and is ultimately sent home with a prescription for a pain reliever. But these are strong pain relievers. Very addictive, strong pain relievers. And many innocent people suddenly find that they are “hooked” on these prescribed drugs. Ultimately, at some point, the prescription runs out and the doctor refuses to refill it since the period where any serious pain should have passed or simply because he knows they’re addictive and doesn’t want to prescribe it anymore. Then, the patient eithers chooses to go into prescription drug rehab, or to continue the addition by finding a doctor who will continue to prescribe the drug (and they are out there, this is a lucrative business for them), or to replace the drug with a comparable street drug that is readily available, such as heroin. From there the addiction can go anywhere, and the addict can lose his job, his family, his home, everything.

Now, it’s also true that there are many people who use these drug without a prescription and get addicted, as well. Of course, this addiction goes down the same path. A path that leads only to misery.

At Recovery Channel we can connect you with some of the best prescription drug addiction treatment programs available. Programs that suit your needs, whether that’s somewhere you can focus on getting well again mentally, physically and spiritually without distraction in a place of unparalleled luxury, or a place that offers a more meat and potatoes approach, basic, but effective. It all depends on who you are, what your addiction is to and what’s best for you. It’s important that you be in the right environment to assure your success in recovery. Plus, because we often do insurance utilization review for the people we refer to treatment centers, we get longer periods of treatment to make sure you don’t leave before you’re ready to and relapse. You stay until you feel strong enough to return home without succumbing to “triggers” that cause relapse.

If you have an addiction to prescription medication, call us. We can see what kind of coverage your insurance provides and answer all your questions. The important thing is not to wait. Whether you ultimately choose to use our free services or not, we’re ready to give you answers and help guide you into the best recovery scenario for you.

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